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Alexis discovered yoga as a bubbly 14 year old. It’s carried her through all of the highs and lows of her life thus far. While living in NYC she found herself drawn to a career in yoga. She was an assistant manager at The Yoga Room and coordinated with Lululemon in Manhattan for a bunch of fun yoga events. Alexis recently finished her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Noah Mazé and Rocky Heron and is excited to share what she learned with the world. Her goal is to create a fun, accessible, and safe environment for her students, inviting their personalities to shine and creativity to blossom through meditative movement. She also strives for inclusivity and to bring justice into her practice. Alexis believes that we all have agency and choice in life and in our yoga practice. She invites her students to honor their resilient bodies, especially the quirky bits :) “I want to use my short time on this planet to contribute to the greater good.” - Michelle Cassandra Johnson

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