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On Your Feet (Gloria)

"Alexis Semevolos-Velazquez, in the challenging role of Gloria Estefan, carries the show with her powerful pipes, strong acting ability, dynamic dance moves, and charisma. She gave a riveting performance with the upbeat hit "Live for Loving You."

- Patch, Cindi Sansone-Braff

"Alexis Semevolos-Velazquez and Victor Souffrant expertly lead the top-notch cast as Gloria and Emilio. They are an excellent team with great chemistry. Longtime fans like myself will be heartened to hear that Ms. Semevolos-Velazquez subtly sounds like Gloria strongly performing her songs with panache." 

-Broadway World, Melissa Giordano

"Alexis Semevolos-Velazquez is a stunning Gloria Estefan. She has mastered the singer’s alto voice range, where at times, one may feel as if they hear Estefan herself. Semevolos-Velazquez delivers on every number, especially during 'Coming Out of the Dark.”

- Rita J. Egan


"Alexis Semevolos-Velazquez plays Gloria, and she was excellent. She has a beautiful, powerful voice, and I really enjoyed her acting. Gloria Estefan is an iconic woman, and Semevolos-Velazquez more than did justice to her legendary talent in this role."

- Broadway World, Emily Yorgey

"Actress Alexis Semevolos-Velazquez carries the show with a superb performance as ‘Gloria Estefan.’ She convincingly pulls off the big role with a big voice and provides all of the character to keep audiences falling in love with the once shy Queen of Latin Pop."

- NBC-2 Dave Elias

she loves me alexis 1.jpg

"Dutch Apple's production features some excellent performances, none better than young Alexis Semevolos as the innocent Maria...Semevolos is simply perfect in the role, which she is reprising from a production at Broadway Palm in Fort Myers, Fla."

-David N. Dunkle, PennLive

"Semevolos is especially fantastic as the young Maria who knows that Tony is her soul mate. She is the perfect blend of innocence and strength. Her voice is stunning."

-Jane Holahan, Lancaster Online

"The actress who played Maria was beyond amazing, bringing a special sparkle to the show with her singing, dancing, acting, and overall performance. She got so emotional by the events of the play that you could see her passion even after the show had ended. While all the actors were amazing, she was definitely the shining star."

-Janine Marie, Trip Advisor

West Side Story (Maria)

She Loves Me (Amalia)

"Semevolos' Amalia is adorable. The actress has a beautiful voice and acting chops to boot. She conveys angst and nervousness about meeting her 'Dear Friend' for the first time in 'Will He Like Me?' and the first blush of love in the delicious song "Vanilla Ice Cream." - Johanna Crosby, Cape Cod Wicked Local


"Semevolos' sweet voice commands a range appropriate for the difficult score, and she performs the convolutions of her amusingly conflicted character with a wonderful array of colors. You feel you know her at the end as a real person."

-Lee Roscoe, Cape Cod Times

"Perfectly accompanying Long as Amalia is Alexis Semevolos, who just gets it all right. She is determined and vulnerable, sentimental and stubborn, and has one of the most divine sopranos this side of Broadway. The chemistry she has with Long is so powerful it nearly leaps off the stage and into the crowd."

-Kathleen Szmit, The Barnstable Patriot

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